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Match Game: Flags
Match Game: History of Science
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GUI Game Logo

GUI Game

Gamification or Guification?

Play the interface - or get played by the interface...

(But please do not use a touchscreen.)

Where’s Walter, The Wacky Walker?

Where’s Walter The Wacky Walker?

A race walker is making a mockery of your hometown’s venerable 10K race. Find the fool – and remove him!
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Glycolysis Match Game HTML5 version

Glycolysis – Match Game

Pick up basic concepts of biochemistry while you learn how glucose breaks down into two molecules of pyruvate.
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The Copyright of Silence

The Copyright of Silence

You are visiting John Cage, the composer. Use stealth to navigate his apartment as well as his arguments. You’ve heard them all before … Sometimes a man would be wise to shut up!
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Amino Acids Match Game HTML5 version

Amino Acids – Match Game

Memorize the names and structures of the 20 amino acids while you learn about the chemical properties of the side chains.
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Bench Press - Onan the Barbarian

Bench Press – Onan the Barbarian

A hard game.
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The Man Who Calls The Shots presentation

The Man Who Calls The Shots

Two guys in a short comic book-styled story. Who are they? If you figure it out before the ninth and last panel, you might reach a happy ending.
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Bench Press impoved edition

Bench Press

Our most popular web game with several new features. Can now also be played on touch screens!
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Timeline - Ancient Rome logo

Timeline – Ancient Greece

Learn about the Minoans and Mycenaeans of the Bronze Age, the city-states of the Classical era, and the Hellenistic era after Alexander the Great.
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Psychopath Pac-Man Logo

Psychopath Pac-Man

Pac-Man is not the jovial and food loving character as we have learned to know him. Puzzle out the panel order to make a comic that reveals the truth.
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Strip Ém All - Logo

Strip Em All

Make Comic Strips and reveal the inner nature of the characters! Daniel Ahlgren has done the art in this story building game where you use psychology to solve puzzles.
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Ms. Mouse Logo

Ms. Mouse

In this cute game of cat and mouse, your mouse handling skills will win you the race to rodent romance.
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Athletic Javelin – Logo

Athletic Javelin

Don’t aim too high, don’t aim too low.
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Marbles of the Amazement Park – Logo

Pull-ups aka Chins

Can you pull your own weight? This is a faithful rendition of the classic strength exercise and should be alternated with Bench Press for a well rounded training session.
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Fighting snowball fighting – Logo

Keep the race pure – Logo

Rage of the race walker – Logo

Trio of Shooters

Three, not very serious, games. While they look similar, they actually play very differently and allow for various strategies in all their simplicity.

Fighting Snowball Fighting
Keep the Race Pure
Rage of the Race Walker

Marbles of the Amazement Park – Logo

Marbles of the Amazement Park

Dodge the patroller. Drop the roller. Crucify the bully bowler.Use the stroller and prove yourself as the final holer!
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Long Jump Flash Game – Logo

Long Jump

A very low waist to hip ratio is probably not a reliable measure of jumping ability. The designer of this game thought otherwise, though. It’s up to you to prove him right (or wrong)!
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A Growing Boa Needs His Lunch – Logo

A Growing Boa Needs His Lunch

Blockade (1976)? No!
Worm (1978)? No!
Nokia’s Snake (1997)? LOL!
This is Nibbler (1982) with puzzles, refined game play and a mixed bag of exaggerated retro aesthetics.
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Bench Press Game – Logo

Mezzy Maze

When a cheap toy maker ran out of glue he accidentally made the wooden labyrinth game even better.
Choose your route through the maze slyly and go balls to the wall for hi-scores!
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Bench Press Game – Logo

Bench Press

How much ya bench?
Hammer the keyboard with both hands till your arms fall off or the keyboard breaks in this ultimate test of strength.
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40-yard dash – screenshot

40-Yard Dash

Do you have the speedy fingers of a piano player or a sprinter? Try our new button basher and prove that gamers surely have the speediest fingers of them all!
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On Your Marks! Screenshot

On Your Marks!

Train your reptile brain and try your right hand in this showdown of all flash and no finish. Loads like lightning but shoots a mite slow.
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Tailtag Screenshot


In our first free online game you take the lead as Doug, the alpha male ladybug. Cute? Hell no, says Doug.
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Fred at work

Lighthouse Lunacy

Enjoy the company of a hostile game character and his narcissistic designer! Yes, the summer of love is long gone in this comic told through a remarkably pure game of puzzles and jumping.
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Soda Pipes Logo

Soda Pipes

No bummer in the summer bein’ a plumber in this superior take on Pipe Mania. Just sun, fun, and lots of love whether you prefer hectic action or clever puzzles.
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Fila Logo and Runner

Fila Decathlon

The single serious track & field game around. Can only be played on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, DS and DS Lite.
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Kameleont Killers Photo of Book

Kameleont Killers

A parody of game studies written before there was game studies. “Better not get in my face, Lucky Wander Boy, ’cause I'll drop you,” says author.
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